Kate Campbell

​​​​Primary Learning Leader (PPL), and Support Teacher Inclusive Education (ST:IE) ​

Kate's journey into the world of education was sparked by her love for sports. With a degree in Human Movement Studies, she initially pursued a career as a Pre-school and Physical Education teacher. Recognising the vital role of promoting motor skills and development in young children, Kate found her true calling in the field of education.

When asked about her favourite thing about being part of the Mater Dei team, Kate couldn't help but express the joy she feels working alongside teachers who genuinely appreciate and acknowledge the incredible efforts put forth by their colleagues to create positive learning environments for all students. It's this spirit of collaboration and support that sets Mater Dei apart as an exceptional school.

When it comes to teaching, Kate's heart is captivated by English. The power of language and communication resonates deeply with her, and she treasures the opportunity to instil a love for reading and writing in her students. Among the many stories she shares with her students, there's a special place in Kate's heart for the timeless classic, "Green Eggs and Ham." This delightful tale by Dr. Seuss has a magical way of captivating young minds, fostering wonder, and igniting the imagination. 

Kate's dedication to her role as both a PLL and ST:IE at Mater Dei shines brightly in her unwavering commitment to creating a positive and inclusive educatio​nal environment that leaves a lasting impact on her students' lives.