​​Group Speech and Drama lessons are available for children in Years 3 - 6​​​​. The children are taught by Louise Marshall, an accredited Speech and Drama teacher with qualifications from Trinity College London and The Actors Workshop. 

The curriculum is designed to give the student a range of skills in acting, public speaking, improvisation, play buildplay-building and storytelling. Term 1 focuses on movement and team dynamics. Term 2 we introduce the voice and concentrate on characterisation and crafting stories. Term 3 is when we commence our end-of-year concert preparation with the main focus on poetry. The children receive an Anthology book with approximately 20 poems which we work through learning and performing. We also have a main end-of-year play that the children learn. In term 4 we rehearse the concert which runs for just over half an hour. This ensures the children are in multiple scenes and are using all their new drama skills. All the costumes and props are provided for the end-of-year concert and the children get to wear multiple costumes which of course they love!  

Enrollments are now open - click here to enrol. ​