Four benefits of a small school community

Being part of a small, nurturing community is a gift. Here at Mater Dei Catholic Primary School, we pride ourselves in knowing each child by name and we are invested in the development of every child as they flourish academically, socially, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. ​

So, what are the benefits of a small school community? ​

1. Educators at small schools have greater capacity to tailor learning to each child.  

Research shows that educational influences such as 'collective teacher efficacy, self-reported grades and scaffolding' are among the most effective learning strategies for children in today's world^. As a small school, Mater Dei is able to be flexible in the ever-growing delivery of excellent education standards. Teachers actively collaborate on best teaching practices and environments, that work for each child.

2. Students - their strengths, challenges and motivations - are known by Educators.  

“Know thy learner “ is a phrase that underpins our pedagogy. Our educators possess a deep understanding of our students, and our learning environment is responsive to their needs. Each child comes with unique talents and abilities and our teachers look for ways to connect, support and challenge students to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

3. The Student-Parent-Teacher relationship is enhanced, engaged and effective.  

Small schools foster belonging, leadership, and social emotional skills through increased student engagement. The sign of a great school community is an active partnership amongst their students, parents, and educators. A synergy that, when engaged, can offer children a wonderful platform on which to begin their learning journey. 

Our teachers and leadership team, work closely with parents and caregivers to provide the best possible environment for student success. Our families also benefit from being part of a close-knit community that they can rely on through the ups and downs of life and the challenge of parenthood.  

4.  It's safe to give things a go.  

We know that when a child feels safe, they are at their best. They learn better, they create better, and they socially interact better with others. At Mater Dei, our students are encouraged to try new things and explore their interests knowing they have the support of their teachers and school community. 

​​“We've been at Mater Dei for t​​en years and I have seen two of my three children transition into high school with the ability to make friends and establish productive and positive relationships with their teachers.  I believe this comes from being able to gain confidence and self-esteem in a supportive Catholic primary school like Mater Dei"

Marie Bond, long-time Mater Dei parent.