School Fees

​​2023 Fees and Levies

​​The fees outlined below are per annum amounts and are charged in four quarterly installments at the beginning of each term. Payments may be made by an agreed payment plan that is arranged with the school Finance Officer to allow families to meet their commitments weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. Usually, these payment arrangements are by direct debit from a nominated bank account or credit card.​

Sibling Fee Discount 

Families are eligible for a discount if they have more than one child attending the school. School Fees are charged in chronological order (ie. the eldest child is the first child) and all siblings must be charged to the same account holders to be eligible for the second, third & fourth child discount.​

​One Child
​Two Children
​Three Children
​Four Children
​School Fee

​Capital Levy
​Student Resource &
Technology Fund Levy
$5,716 ​​

Additional Fees

Annual Fees do not include the following:
  • School camps 
    • Year 4
    • Year 5
    • Year 6
  • ​Extra-curricular activities (including ICAS, Q-Cup, etc)
Parents will be advised in advance of the details and costs, and invoices will be sent out separately

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