Prep Alumni Reunite: Celebrating Milestones and Memories

​​​In a heartfelt reunion, Mater Dei Catholic Primary School’s Prep Class of 2011 gathered to celebrate their journey and graduation from their final year of schooling. A group of 40 former students toured their old Prep classrooms, reminiscing about times past, before coming together for a group photo to commemorate the occasion.

Darcey, a proud graduate of Stuartholme School, and Thomas, now an alumnus of St Joesph’s College, Gregory Terrace, were among those who shared their cherished memories from Mater Dei.

Thomas warmly remembered his Year 3 teacher, Miss Reaves, for her personal connection with students, most notably through the sharing of her Pokémon cards, which had a significant impact on his experience at school. He also credited the extension opportunities at Mater Dei for enabling him to participate in advanced mathematics programs in high school.

Darcey spoke about the close-knit community feel of Mater Dei, describing it as an extended family where friendships spanned across different year levels. She also fondly recalled her time in Mr Muir’s Year 4 class and the intensity of his 'round the world' maths competitions, which enthralled the entire class.

Darcey and Thomas both highlighted the myriad of sporting opportunities available at Mater Dei, attributing their well-rounded development to the school's individualised attention and diverse offerings.

Principal Donna Jones reflected on the occasion with pride. 

"Seeing our graduates, now successful individuals, brings immense joy and a sense of accomplishment to our entire Mater Dei community,” she said. 

“The foundational values and skills developed here at Mater Dei have played a pivotal role in shaping each one of these remarkable individuals into well-rounded, prepared adults.”

“As they continue on their chosen paths, I wish them all the best, knowing that the lessons and experiences they've gained here will guide them in their future endeavours."


Year 12 Graduates of 2023 and Mater Dei Catholic Primary School Alumni.