MacKillop Resource/Library Centre

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About the MacKillop Centre​​

The MacKillop Centre is Mater Dei's Library. It houses a wide range of resources which students and staff from Prep to Year 6 are able to regularly access and borrow. Fiction, non-fiction, reference materials, magazines, posters, CDs, DVDs and software are all available to be borrowed by staff and students. Students and parents are encouraged to visit the MacKillop Centre, meet the staff and a​ccess the wide variety of resources on offer.


The MacKillop Centre Staff aim to provide a supportive learning and teaching environment, which encourages students to be lifelong learners. Staff members are available to assist students with online searching, developing research skills, visual and information literacy, providing recommendations of books to read and assistance with locating resources of choice.

Opening Hours

The MacKillop Centre is open Monday and Wednesday during school hours, and also for lunchtime activities every day of the week. Students are welcome to visit during these times in class groups, small groups or individually for either research or recreational activities.

Borrowing Times and Lending Rules

Prep to Yr 6 each have a specialised literacy, research or ICTL lesson with the Teacher Librarian once a week. During this lesson students are given time to borrow books, as well as working in collaboration with the TL and classroom teacher on a broad range of literacy and technology skills and activities.

Borrowing Rules

Books can be borrowed for up to two weeks at a time. If students wish to keep their books for longer they need to bring the book back to the MacKillop Centre and renew the item.  

​Prep 2 Books: Picture Books or Blue Dot Non-Fiction
Year 12 Books: Picture Books or Blue Dot Non-Fiction
Year 2​3 Books: Picture Books, Blue Dot Non-Fiction, Red Dot Fiction (reading checked by TL/Teacher)
Year 3​​3 Books: Picture Books, Blue Dot Non-Fiction, red Dot Fiction
Year 4​​4 Books: Picture Books, Blue Dot Non-Fiction, red Dot Fiction, some Fiction (checked by TL/Teacher)
​Year 5​4 Books: all books except Senior Fiction
​Year 6​6 Books: all books plus Senior Fiction (to be checked by TL/Teacher)

Prep-Yr 5: Must have a bag to borrow

No Borrowing if student has Overdue Loans.

Students, Parents and staff are always welcome to visit and enjoy our dynamic and special MacKillop Centre. We aim to make it a place where students not only have their questions answered, but are empowered to ask questions themselves and explore the world around them.