​At Mater Dei, children in all classes have ready access to digital devices as well as other technology. The purpose for using technology across all Key Learning Area's and in all year levels is to support the teaching of the curriculum as well as engage and further enhance the students' learning experiences. The dominant platform for our digital devices is APPLE.  We offer 1:1 devices (IPad airs with external keyboards) to all students in Middle and Senior Primary (Years 3 to 6). Children in the Early Years also have access to iPad​s with a 1:2 ratio. All classrooms are linked to the main server provided by Brisbane Catholic Education, providing high quality and fast Intranet and Internet services. Our iHub (Innovation Hub) is a popular space where students have access to Lego Wedo's, Ev3 robots, Makey Makey's, Bee Bots,  two Lego walls and a Green Screen for video recording. Learning how to code is another skill students are taught as part of the Digital Technologies curriculum.
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