Student Support

​​Students with Diverse Learning Needs

Mater Dei Catholic Primary School prides itself on being an inclusive school environment that capably caters for the diverse needs of all learners. Our Support Teacher (Inclusive Education) collaboratively works alongside our classroom teachers in monitoring students at any year level with ongoing learning, social, emotional, and developmental needs or fast rates of learning. 

For children with additional needs, more comprehensive feedback is provided to families in the form of additional team consultation and review meetings with the appropriate personnel. Leadership and/or Support Team members or our Guidance Counsellor are also able to attend as required. 

Where appropriate, individualised curriculum access documentation is also provided and discussed, with these plans outlining ongoing classroom or playground adjustments and goals to support or extend learning. Differentiated assessment opportunities are provided as required to enable our students to best demonstrate what they know and can do. Ongoing evidence of adjustments is uploaded to the Engage database.

Levels of Teaching Response

Levels of Teaching Response is a way of working with effective teaching at the foundation. At Mater Dei, we aim to ensure that all the effective and expected practices are in place and in use before considering​ other levels of support. Adjustments relevant to NCCD and/or EAP Processes may apply at any stage.