Prep Enrolment Process

​Our Prep enrolment process has been developed with care to ensure a smooth and supportive transition for both children and their parents. Below, you will find detailed information about our approach to the Prep enrolment process, reflecting our commitment to nurturing a positive and inclusive learning environment from the very start.

​Initial Interview

Choosing the right school is a significant decision, and we understand that parents and carers endeavour to find the most fitting environment for their child's development and learning. During the initial interview, our primary objective is to gain insights into your child's history and development from your perspective, as their first and most influential educators. 

Prep interviews, typically conducted in Term 1 or 2 of the year before your child starts Prep, offer a valuable opportunity for us to gather this crucial information. While children are welcome to join the initial interview, it is not mandatory. We recognise that children may still be adjusting to Kindy during this period and introducing them to another new setting might lead to unnecessary stress. We also acknowledge the significant growth and learning that occurs in the year leading up to Prep. A child-focused interview or assessment at this early stage may not accurately capture your child's preparedness for Prep due to the rapid pace of their skill and knowledge development.

The initial interview also serves as an important occasion for you to ask questions and ensure Mater Dei aligns with your family’s values and expectations. It’s a time for open dialogue, where you can explore our educational philosophy, curriculum, support services, and the overall community environment to confirm it’s the right fit for your family. 

​Getting to know your child

Following your decision to accept a place a Mater Dei, we will continue to engage with you and your child throughout the year. These moments allow us to get to know your child in a relaxed and natural setting, ensuring that by the time Prep begins, they are familiar with our educators and the school environment. 

Example schedule:
  • Teddy Bear 'Meet & Greet' Picinic (Term 2)
  • Book Week Playdate (Term 3)
  • 'Getting to Know Our Prep Learners' Transition Day​ (Term 4)
  • Kindergarten Visits (Term 4) 
  • Orientation Morning (Term 4)

Partnering with Kindergartens and Allied Health Professionals

Collaborating with Kindergartens

We prioritise a smooth transition for children moving from kindergarten to 'big school' and place great importance on understanding each child's unique journey through close collaboration with local kindergartens. By aligning our transition activities with the natural readiness of children, we ensure they are prepared for the next phase of their educational journey. Strategic observational visits during Term 4 allow us to observe potential Prep students in an environment that fosters readiness for 'big school'. These visits enable us to engage in meaningful dialogue with kindergarten educators, ensuring we have a comprehensive understanding of each child's development, strengths, and needs.

Engaging with Allied Health Professionals

Expanding our support network to include allied health professionals (when applicable) is crucial for a well-rounded approach to each child's transition. Recognising the invaluable insights that professionals such as speech pathologists, occupational therapists, and psychologists provide, we actively seek collaboration. This partnership allows us to delve deeper into a child's history, challenges, and strengths, ensuring a tailored and effective transition plan. Through detailed discussions and planning with allied health professionals, we can incorporate strategies that have proven beneficial, ensuring a seamless and supportive start to their journey at Mater Dei Catholic Primary School.​

We are dedicated to providing a nurturing, inclusive, and stimulating environment where your child can grow, learn, and thrive and encouage you to contact our friendly team should you have any questions about our Prep enrolment process. 

​P. 07 3514 4100