​​​Where belonging meets academic excellence​

At Mater Dei Catholic Primary School, we pride ourselves on being more than just a school. We are an inclusive family-style community that fosters a deep sen​​se of belonging. When you become a part of our close-knit community, you'll experience a school where everybody knows your name. 

Our passionate teaching staff take the time to get to know each and everyone of our students - their strengths, passions and challenges - and tailor their approach accordingly to ensure students feel safe and supported to try new things, embrace challenges and achieve academic excellence. 



Hear from our community

​One of the most significant aspects we've observed since enrolling at Mater Dei is the holistic growth of our daughter. Not only has she advanced academically, also grown in her ability to develop friendships, navigate problems and show confidence at school. Her love for sporting activities such as cross country, has also been supported through before-school training opportunities and the opportunity to attend Zones competitions. 

The emphasis on values is commendable; the 'Caritas' award, symbolising kindness, and compassion, stands out as the most coveted award among students, highlighting the school's commitment to instilling core human values over mere academic achievements. At Mater Dei, it's not just about academics; it's about nurturing well-rounded individuals. We are proud to be part of this community and look forward to more years of growth and enrichment.​

-  Year 2, Mater Dei Parent


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​We invite you to experience our picturesque campus situated in the leafy suburb of Ashgrove West. Whether you choose to stroll through our vibrant classrooms, play areas, and facilities in person or embark on an immersive virtual journey from the comfort of your home, we have an option for you! 

HFP230315-1063_square.jpgHow to enrol 

Are you ready to enrol your child in an inclusive school environment, where they will feel valued, included and supported to thrive academically and socially?

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​​​​School Fees​

At Mater Dei, we are committed to offering exceptional value for your investment in your child's future. Our affordable tuition fees ensure that families can provide their children with an outstanding education while still maintaining financial balance. We believe that quality education should be a realistic option for all families seeking the best for their children.​. 

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​Mater Dei Catholic Primary School 
7 Lynwood Crescent, Ashgrove
P. 07 3514 4100
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