​​​​The tuckshop operates every Wednesday of the school term. The school has employed a tuckshop convenor who coordinates the running of these operations. However, the tuckshop is dependent on parent volunteers to assist with food preparation and service. We aim to provide a varied menu of nutritious food options that will keep the children satisfied as well as provide a viable alternative to a home-prepared lunch. The P&F Tuckshop Committee oversee weekly rosters and is assisted by parent volunteers. Email: tuckshop@materdeipandf.org.au

We operate a CASHLESS tuckshop. We use Qkr which is a safe, secure way of purchasing tuckshop orders provided by Mastercard. In order to use this App on your smartphone – just search for “Qkr” in your App store and download the App. Once you open the App, tap on the magnifying glass in the top right of the Qkr home screen and type MATERDEICPS.  

Alternatively, if you’re within 4kms of the school you should be able to find Mater Dei by selecting locations nearby.