Frequently Asked Questions

Absence From School

Parents may report an absence via the Parent Portal or by phoning the Absentee Line: 3514 4101.  If you do not contact the school you will receive a SMS stating that your child has an unexplained absence and asking you to contact the school as soon as possible.  Leave of absence for  any  reason  must  be specified.   It is important that children  are punctual  for school each day.  The school day commences at 8.30am.  All children either arriving late or leaving early must be signed in or out from the school office. A late slip from the office is required when children arrive after the bell.  This is given to the classroom teacher.


There are children at the school who are severely allergic to a range of things including peanuts and eggs. Parents are asked not to send to school any nut products. The school cannot check every lunch box and item of food brought to the school to ascertain whether it contains nut products so we ask that parents be extra careful when sending food to school. For those who are allergic, exposure to peanuts can have fatal consequences. For older children who make their own lunches, we ask that their parents explain to them the school policy and the reasons for it. Please see handbook for more information.

Lost Property

All unnamed and unclaimed items are placed in the lost property area. Periodically, the area is cleared, and all unmarked items are put into the St. Vincent de Paul collection bin or given to the school's uniform shop. Parents are reminded about the absolute necessity of having their child's name/initials on every item of clothing, school hat, lunch-box, drink bottle, etc.


The school ensures that the school buildings and grounds are kept at an acceptable standard and in accordance with Workplace Health and Safety regulations. Maintenance is implemented collaboratively with the groundsman and P&F Works Convenor so that working bees undertake time intensive tasks.


Throughout the year the children are encouraged to help raise funds for the Missions to support other children in the world who are less fortunate than themselves. Special fundraising is also held to raise monies or provide material support to help others in need. The establishment of Mini Vinnies has seen the children take an even greater hands on approach to helping others.

​Permission Form

At the beginning of each year, parents are asked to sign a General Permission Form which covers outings made on a regular basis, e.g. Interschool Sport, swimming lessons, walks within the local environs. Parents are advised of class excursions via a letter from the class teacher and the permission form must be signed and returned to the teacher for a child to leave the school grounds. Parents and children are also asked to sign an Internet Contract.


Class and individual photographs are taken annually. The purchase of these photographs is optional.

Workplace Health & Safety

A Workplace Health and Safety Committee has been formed to advise and support the Principal in the areas concerning safety not only for the children but for all those who work at and visit the school. A school WHOSO (Workplace Health & Safety Officer) is appointed to co-ordinate workplace health & safety and reports directly to the Principal. Priorities are set by this committee and appropriate action is planned. Your support is valued by way of communicating what you see as reasonable safety needs for our school environment.Pages