Sport & Physical Education

​Physical Education is valued at Mater Dei as an integral aspect of each child's development. There is a strong emphasis on skill development through a physical education program that is based on fine and gross motor skill development. The skills taught in the PE area comprise one of three strands in the Health and Physical Education syllabus. Therefore, it should be noted that 'sport' is only one component of the school's Physical Education Program.Cross Country.jpg

In Terms 1, Years 3 - 6 participate in swimming lessons conducted by qualified swim instructors. Prep to Year 2 children swim in Term 4.

A qualified PE teacher conducts PE lessons with all classes to develop a range of skills during each term​. The students are encouraged to have a healthy and positive attitude towards participation and competition. Children have the opportunity to represent the school in a wide range of sporting competitions. Children from Years 4-6 have the opportunity to take part in School sports, Catholic Zone sports, District and State carnivals. Sports offered include Swimming, Athletics, Cross Country, Netball, Soccer, and Touch Football.

Sports uniform is worn Tuesdays & Fridays for Years 1, 2 and Senior Primary and Wednesdays and Fridays for Middle Primary children.


Mater Dei school attends the Taylor Range Country Club for swimming. The children are instructed by qualified swimming instructors. Students in Years 3 - 6 attend swimming lessons during 1st term.  Prep - Year 2 children swim in Term 4. Costs for pool entry, instruction and bus hire are funded from school fees. Children are to bring their swimming cap, goggles and sunscreen. Children are also required to wear a sun shirt and swimming cap.Swimming image.jpg