Mater Dei Catholic Primary School offers a dynamic, challenging and meaningful c0-education for both boys and girls from Prep to Year 6.  In the Early Years (Prep to Year 2) we focus on developing and nurturing a love of learning experienced through real life experiences, transitions and routines, play, focused learning and teaching and investigations. ​In Middle Primary, our focus is on supporting our students in becoming self-directed learners. Inspiring our children to be confident in their learning is our goal where opportunities for students to work collaboratively with each other and engage in deeper learning experiences is provided.  In Senior Primary (Years 5 and 6) we are preparing our boys and girls for their transition to Secondary School and equipping our students for their future.  A strong Leadership program in Senior Primary is a highlight of our school. Each year the Year Six students are commissioned as School Leaders. Early in the school year they attend a Leadership Retreat to look at their leadership role, and again later in the year to review their primary schooling years and look to the future. Year Six students are given a number of responsibilities throughout the year, including leading School Assemblies and whole school prayer, thanking visitors, involvement in school tours and Open Days and being buddies to Prep students. The Year 6 students are involved in a number of activities throughout the year which focus their leadership on being active and responsible citizens. The highlight of the Year 6 year is our annual visit to Canberra. The school operates a variety of Service groups which all senior primary students are encouraged to elect to become a member.

CURRICULUM SUBJECTS (other than Religious Education) 

All Brisbane Catholic Education schools plan and teach from the Australian Curriculum. This also includes incorporating the Cross-Curricula Priorities and General Capabilities. Click here ​to access the Australian Curriculum website.


We are proud to offer and teach the FRENCH language and culture from Prep to Year 6. All students are involved in weekly lessons delivered by an experienced French teacher.

​Our Vision for Languages: At Mater Dei, learning languages produces holistic​, inclusive, adaptable global citizens who are aware of their and others cultural identity and are able to communicate successfully within and beyond their community.


Homework offers children the opportunity to become independent, self directed and organised learners. Parental guidance may be needed in the early years of schooling to help children set routines. Specific homework requirements are addressed each year at grade level information evenings.

Mater Dei Small DSC_3274.jpg TECHNOLOGY​

Children in all classes have ready access to digital devices as well as other technology. The use of technology across all KLA's and year levels is to enhance and integrate the classroom curriculum. The dominant platform for our digital devices at Mater Dei is APPLE.  We offer 1:1 devices (Ipad airs) to all students in Middle and Senior Primary (Years 3 to 6). Children in the Early Years also have access to ipads with a 1:2 ratio. All classrooms are linked to the main server provided by Brisbane Catholic Education, providing Intranet and Internet services. Our iHub (Innovation Hub) is a popular space where students have access to Lego Wedo's, Ev3 robots, Bee Bots and Lego bricks.