Mater Dei School offers a dynamic, challenging and meaningful education for boys and girls from Years Prep-Year 6. The school stresses the importance of providing a quality learning environment for upper primary boys and girls to interact and learn from each other before entering high school. The principles of Middle Schooling form the basis of planning of learning experiences for students in Years 6, where students are given the opportunity to learn in an independent and active way.

CURRICULUM SUBJECTS (other than Religious Education) 

 All Brisbane Catholic education schools follow the Australian Curriculum Guidelines in planning and implementing of curriculum. This has been a process implemented since 2011. On an annual basis, teachers are involved in professional development focusing on improving pedagogical knowledge and teaching practices.


Japanese culture and language is taught at Mater Dei School. Cultural literacy is a learning perspective that permeates the curriculum from Years 1-6, however, the explicit teaching of the Japanese language is presently taught in Years 3 - 6. Students in these classes have weekly lessons from an experienced language teacher.


Homework offers children the opportunity to become independent, self directed learners. Parental guidance may be needed in the early years of schooling to help children set routines. Children are encouraged to do a little homework each night. Specific homework requirements are addressed each year at grade level information evenings.


Each year the Year Six students are commissioned as School Leaders. Early in the school year they attend a Leadership Retreat to look at their leadership role, and again later in the year to review their primary schooling years and look to the future. Year Six students are given a number of responsibilities throughout the year, including leading School Assemblies, thanking visitors and being buddies to Prep students. The Year 6 students are involved in a number of activities throughout the year which focus their leadership on being active and responsible citizens.


Children in all classes have ready access to classroom and library computers as well as other technology. The use of technology across all KLA's and year levels is to enhance and integrate the classroom curriculum. The dominant platform of the computers at Mater Dei is PC Windows. All classrooms are linked to the main server provided by Brisbane Catholic Education, providing Intranet and Internet services. The school has developed a policy for the use of the Internet as a research tool, which all parents and students must sign and adhere to each year. Our 1 to 1 Laptop Program.