Mater Dei Dance Program

​​​Welcome to Mater Dei Dance for 2023  


Mater Dei Dance was formed as an initiative of the P&F Committee almost 20 years ago, to provide children with an affordable opportunity to try dance after school with friends.  


Mater Dei Dance has grown significantly over the years and the P&F team feel extremely privileged to have such a wonderful opportunity for our children to try different types of dance classes at our own school. 


Mater Dei Dance in 2023 is all about having fun, learning new techniques, building confidence and at the end of the year performing up on stage. Dance is open to the whole community with a strong focus on teamwork. It is important that everyone feels comfortable and confident to join in and be a part of the Dance community!   


In 2023, we have a great team of Dance Teachers working with us, and junior dance teachers ready to assist with large class numbers. Many of our teachers are past students and wish to continue building the Dance school. 

Don't hesitate to contact us via email​  if you have any further questions ​or require more information. 

Emily and Nicole

Mater Dei Dance Committee

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