Parents as Volunteers 

Our commitment to the protection of students is based in our belief that each person is made in the image of God am​d our ethos is to provide a safe and supportive environment

Student protection and wellbeing are paramount in Catholic School​​

for all.  All students have the right to expect that the school will always act to protect them from any kind of harm.

Before commencing your role as a volunteer or other personnel at Mater Dei Primary School, you are required to:

  1. Download and read the Code of Conduct for Volunteers and Other Personnel.
  2. Complete the Volunteer and Other Personnel Registration​ Form once you have completed the training.
Click on the link HERE​ to commence your training.​

Each time you visit Mater Dei School to work as a volunteer, you are required to sign on as volunteer. The office has a sign-on book, where you record you name, time of arrival and volunteer number.


In responding to the Queensland Legislative requirements regarding Student Protection and Volunteer Training, we are mindful that becoming a volunteer in a school is now a complex process. Volunteers are highly valued here at Mater Dei and your role in helping at school is a very critical one to our daily life and the provision of high quality education to students. Please continue to volunteer within our community. The students benefit enormously, the staff appreciate and value your contributions and the Administration Team commend the many skills and incredible energy you give us as a volunteer.


If you are not a parent at Mater Dei and wish to regularly volunteer within our community, you also require a Volunteer Blue Card.  Information regarding this can be obtained at the following website: www.bluecard.qld.gov.au