Mater Dei Dance Program

​Mater Dei Dance was formed over 20 years ago as an initiative of the Mater Dei P & F Committee to help raise funds for the school and to give our children an 
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affordable option to participate in dance.
The dance school has grown expeditiously over this time and we feel extremely privileged to have such a wonderful opportunity for our children held in our own school grounds.
The following dance classes are available after school:
Hip Hop: a type of studio based dance that had origins in ‘street’ and freestyle dancing. It does not have defined steps or movements and is generally synced to the beat.

Jazz: a type of dance that had origins in matching rhythms and techniques to that of jazz music. Jazz tends to move with the popular music of the time.

Tap: a type of step dance tapped out audibly by means of  shoes with hard soles ​​​

Contemporarya style of expressive dance that combines elements of jazz, lyrical and classical ballet.​

2021 Basic Timetable V2.pdf

MD Dance Policy 2021.pdf

Mater Dei Dance Guidelines for Behaviour.pdf

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