Mater Dei Instrumental Music Program

Instrumental Music Programme   

Instrumental Music tuition at Mater Dei is co-ordinated by the P&F and the Mater Dei Leadership team through external providers, Creative Kidz on Stage and professional music teachers contracted by the P&F.  The P&F has a large range of instruments, purchased through a successful Gaming Fund Grant, available for hire.

Instrument hire is $30 per term, this covers the cost of servicing and repairs at the end of the school year.  The school has a number of violins and guitars of different sizes to suit the students size.  As well as all types of woodwind and brass instruments.  Families can hire the instruments via the QKR! app, this allows the Instrument Hire Agreement to be completed at the same time.


All students from Year 1 - 6 at Mater Dei have the opportunity to sing in the school choir at no cost to families.  The P&F provide the funds for this extracurricular activity.

Students from Years 3 - 6 are invited to attend on Wednesday at second break and students from Year 1 and 2 on Thursday at second break.  the choir perform at select school activities throughout the year.  Choir is held in the church.